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The Case For and Against Multi-Level Marketing

By Jon M Taylor

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In Defense of the Pyramid Scheme

by Dr. Lasdwun N. Luzes 

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The 5 Red Flags

By Jon M Taylor


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Merchants of Deception

by Eric Scheibeler (Amway Whistleblower)

Comment: When reading works from the specific author Jon M Taylor,  please ignore his writings about a hypothetical MLM that doesn't cause harm to society. It doesn't exist. Robert L Fitzpatrick from Pyramid Scheme Alert concurs. The backstory is Jon M Taylor was devoutly in a religious cult so he wasn't aware of the cult indoctrination aspect of MLMs that parallel his own life. He was only attempting to reconcile MLMs as a business model, in doing so missing possible aspects of undue influence and thought stopping predispositions. Too bad he is no longer alive to defend himself.

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In the 1990s, when India opened its door to rapid liberalisation and globalisation, what it seemed to have inevitably taken on was a mountain of trouble through money-spinning schemes in the form of multi-level marketing (MLM)/network marketing companies.

In Marauders of Hope, senior journalist and author Aruna Ravikumar dissects MLM scheme companies, draws why they happened and unfolds the remedial measures to stop the cancerous growth of dubious multinational corporations that were quick at feeding off people, hungry to make quick money. Outlining some of the biggest scams that rocked the country, ruining lives forever, Marauders of Hope works on the belief that creating awareness of the anatomy of these frauds is one of the most powerful ways to stay protected from networks that have unfortunately been iron-clad because of the powerful lobbies and the political patronage they received.

Marauders of Hope is an eye-opener and must read for all concerned citizens across society.

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False Profits is an in-depth examination of the multi-level marketing industry and related illegal pyramid scheme phenomenon which have grown rapidly in the US and abroad in the last 15 years. The examination looks at the MLM field from the perspective of its social, personal and spiritual effects on those enrolled and solicited.

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Amway distributors tout their business as "the best business opportunity in the world." Yet of the five million or so Americans whove been involved over its 40 year history, fewer than 1% have made a profit, and fewer than one-tenth of one percent have established the large incomes that they claim are achievable by all.

Ruth Carter has written a clear, concise account based on her 15 years of experience as a distributor and five years of insider information as the employee of a Diamond. The book attacks head-on the accusations of deception, cultism, and greed which are so often leveled at the Amway business. Here at last are the reasons why, clearly explained by a former insider.

Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors takes a serious look at:
- a real Diamonds annual income and expenses
- what is the "system"?
- who makes money in the system?
- what is a cult?

- why is Amway accused of cultism?

This book is a must-read for anyone whos ever been involved in Amway, or has suffered the pain of watching loved ones change their personalities and lose their money to the deceptions of an Amway Motivational Organization. "Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors" picks up where "Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise" and "Fake It Til You Make It!" left off.

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Leaving an MLM (multi-level marketing company) can be a difficult experience. This guided journal offers plenty of space for writing and also includes ten helpful prompts to encourage reflection and deeper understanding of the false beliefs and misconceptions that MLMs encourage.

Topics covered include

  • Shame and embarrassment over treatment of others

  • Losing friends and mentors after leaving MLM

  • Blaming self for "failure" at MLM

  • The pressure to keep buying inventory

  • Spiritual and religious manipulation

  • Lies about MLM earnings

  • Brainwashing and discouraging research into MLMs

  • Misrepresentation about ease of selling MLM products

 Statistics, Regulations, Other (free download)

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The  Myth of  "Income Opportunity"  in Multi-Level Marketing 2008 Update with Income Analysis of  Ten  Multi-level Marketing Schemes  and Income Analysis of  Amway/Quixtar  and its Secret "Tools" Business  by Robert L. FitzPatrick©2008 


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NuSkin Data


A Statistical and Business Model Examination of the  Economic Legitimacy of Multi-Level Marketing 

 Robert L. FitzPatrick, Report Editor and Analyst Charlotte, NC Feb. 28, 2014 

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The Pyramid Scheme Legalization Act of 2017 


 By Douglas M. Brooks, Bruce Craig and Robert Fitzpatrick 


MLM Chronology - by Douglas M. Brooks

This is a very helpful timeline to briefly explain the history of the MLM Pyramid Scheme by Douglas M. Brooks. This is a helpful for understanding chronologically. 

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10 Big Truths about Multi-Level Marketing: Hidden, Obscured and Denied…

This is a partial book. Truth #7 exposes the lack of regulation in the MLM (Mult-Level Marketing) industry. This is a truth that MLM recruiters would refrain to expose and try get around. 


MLM List (Alphabetical Order)

Print or download this MLM list to use this as a reference on what to avoid. Bring this to career fairs to make your job search more time efficient. Share this list with others and contact us to update the list.


Twelve Tests for Evaluating a Network Marketing (MLM) "Opportunity"

By Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute

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Multi-Page Slides by Pershing Square Capital Management exposing the MLM, Herbalife

See the documentary Betting on Zero

 Cult Information

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George Robert Blakey Report: Amway

How Amway is run like the Mafia, as per George Robert Blakey, who is best known as for drafting The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

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Freedom of Mind: Undoing Undue Influence and the B.I.T.E Model 

Behavior Control 

Information Control

Thought Control

Emotional Control


Influence Continuum

From The B.I.T.E Model 


Behavior, Information, Thought and Emotional Control

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Coercive Techniques in Business Opportunity Cults

By Douglas M. Brooks

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