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Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause

 Date established:                       5/7/2019

Mission Statement:

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Striving without cease to end predatory and deceitful recruitment practices of inherently flawed endless chain compensation structures



Mission Statement Key Terms of Why 


Predatory -  Pyramid Schemes/MLMs adapt their strategies to recruit based out of demographics. For example in the documentary, Betting on Zero, Herbalife was proficient marketing themselves to Latinos and ripping them off. Besides strategies to target various demographics of people, pyramid schemes/MLMs use cult indoctrination tactics to always fault the recruits in response to criticism or logical thinking in responds to failure.

Deceitful - Ones at the very top of pyramid schemes/MLMs absolutely have the data of turnover rates but perpetuate the scheme anyway knowing that about 99 percent of recruits will fail. Countless lies 

are told to continue pyramid schemes. 

Flawed Endless Chain - Pyramid Schemes/MLMs are based out of recruiting and having other under you to have money flow to you. It is a system that could only work in an infinite population which doesn't exist. Only the very top benefit from endless chains. The same recruiting "business opportunity" is given to everyone no matter how late they join. The undeniable concept of saturation is disingenuously ignored.

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vision statement:

Through collaboration and proper direction, we will by various means diminish the fraud of the MLM industry. We will create a prevalence unlike anything established to provide resources and tools for people to avoid pyramid schemes. We will communicate with various establishments and relevant parties for synergy toward the cause to expose pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing. The avenues or methods MLMs use to recruit will be diminished due to widespread awareness. We will cut off the supply line that propagates the continuation of flawed endless chain compensation structures. 

The societal need:

In society there is a lack of safeguards to warn against pyramid schemes or MLMs and they creep in unawares using many avenues masquerading themselves as a business opportunity. 

To stop the predatory practice of pyramid schemes from recruiting people in a statistically flawed compensation structure.

The need for our younger generation to not get caught in pyramid schemes. It is time for the college age generation to rise up and focus on education usefully for a practical career.

The MLM industry is worth an estimated 100 billion dollars. The money should be siphoned into an honest economy, especially during Covid Pandemic. MLMs are financial traps that only benefit the very few, NOT being honest capitalism but a fraud. 

The MLM industry promotes bad character traits that are unbecoming of a person to build himself or herself up. There is so much lie and deception for greed. Examples includes false product claims, false projected income claims for the masses and commercializing the sanctity of relationships. MLMs need to be diminished or done away with to set an example of proper ethics in society.

The Founder


Jason Tsang  - CEO/Founder

The CEO of Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Inc. originated from Long Island NY. There, during his college years pyramid schemes or MLMs were so prevalent hindering and demoralizing his job search. He wasted so much time with MLMs with examples such as: unexpectedly going to MLM interviews, participating in MLMs, Wasting time online with job searches due to the clutter of MLM ads. It was demoralizing and difficult to find a decent job or company to work for since there is so much fluff from pyramid schemes.


Fast forward 8 years later looking back in hindsight and hearing so many MLM horror stories, Jason T. decided there should be an organization to warn society about pyramid scheme problems. After speaking to Robert FitzPatrick from Pyramid Scheme Alert, a realization occurred that there is indeed a lot of information against pyramid schemes and MLMs, however there is no collective movement and will against them, thus Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause was formed to start a movement. It is the first 501c3 formed specially to target MLMs and diminish them. Jason had the idea that a 501c3 status would be beneficial to get many people and organizations on board and to demonstrate and societal need. 

Other Board

Russel Tsang- Treasurer 


Daimyon Hayes - Secretary 


The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause uses articles or sources of information from different individuals or organizations, often getting their permission to do so. Each outside source are from separate organizations and individuals with their own distinctive viewpoints.  

This site may contain testimonials from various individuals or organizations, often with permission to do so. These testimonials reflect the real life experiences and views of the ones giving testimony. We do not claim all individuals that share content on this site have the same experiences. Using sources from various organizations or individuals does not necessarily mean affiliation among the originators of sources. 

The views thoughts and opinions expressed in any text or speech belong solely to the author and not necessarily to the author's employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

Information transmitted through email is intended only the person or entity addressed. If you are not the intended recipient of a message be aware that any use, review, retransmission, distribution or reproduction is prohibited. If you receive a message in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from all computers. 

The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Inc. is strictly formed for the education and deterrent of pyramid schemes and/or multilevel marketing. The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Inc. does not represent other nonprofits, agencies or individuals for the advancement of other causes besides its own. The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Inc. remains neutral in all other charitable causes regardless of the viewpoints of whoever donates and/or whoever promotes the organization.

The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause is non-partisan. We encourage individuals to have their own free thinking. We don't monitor, dictate, control or enforce how people should live their lives

The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause doesn't condone or promote any violence towards anybody even the top fraction of a percent of MLMs distributors. We strive for the ending the endless chain recruitment compensation system platform, not for causing any bodily harm or property damage to anybody. What individuals do in response to information given to them from us is separate from us. We never endorse violence. 

The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause does not engage in lobbying or supporting politicians to achieve goals. We take a free market approach, giving the public information why they ought to avoid those schemes. The choice is up to the individual to avoid pyramid schemes 

The purpose of The links, articles and downable content on the informational pages is for a consolidation of MLM or pyramid scheme information of what online browser would find themselves. 

The information on the website is protected by the 1st amendment was well as the right of 501c3 nonprofits to inform on a factual basis without taking any partisan side.

The Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause was given a tax exempt Government approved right to educate the public about pyramid schemes/MLMs. This requires giving various sources of pyramid scheme information in order for people to have a well round education regarding Pyramid Schemes/MLMs. You can not properly educate without giving distinct sources. For example, all universities, even public state universities, require the citation of different sources for research papers.


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