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EIN information and letter available for tax write off upon request

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Sending college campuses or relevant parties small bookmarks, business cards or leaflets that contains concise points why to avoid MLMs/Pyramid Schemes. This has been helpful to many.

The work it takes to set up the Anti-MLM/Pyramid Scheme Job Search Platform which will be useful to many for an online job search safe space to avoid scams.

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Click here and select our charity under your amazon account so .5% of amazon purchases will go directly to us without any additional cost

You must use the bookmarked Amazon Smile link when making Amazon purchases for the donations to kick in. The regular amazon site wont work.


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Ways to Contribute to Cause Without Spending a penny!

If a friend or family is getting into multi-level marketing or any pyramid scheme, show this site or print out information from Downloadables and show unfortunate statistics.

Learn to recognize a pyramid scheme pitch. If you happen to be in a coffee shop, college campus or etc. and you notice a pyramid scheme pitch, just discreetly tell the potential victim it is a pyramid scheme cult or person is a con artist. 

Share testimony of an MLM or pyramid scheme you worked for. Tell us about your experience. We can post it!


Go to Pyramid Scheme List, so you know what to avoid in your job search when online searching or attending career fairs. 

If you are a college student and have pyramid scheme/MLM experience, share your experience to your college career services to give insight on those scams. Another way of sharing as a student is to choose pyramid schemes/MLMs as a topic for relevant presentation projects. Use the sources on this website.

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