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Project: Cut Off

Project Cutoff is to raise awareness where pyramid schemes or MLMs recruit, resulting in diminishment of recruitment prospects, hence the name, Cut off.

...collaboration with college campuses, hosting various activities to get students engaged and aware not to join MLM schemes.

...Passing out flyers or leaflets to give concise points why to avoid MLMs at public places

...making information exposing pyramid schemes so widely available in public spaces through various effective means. 

Example of a Cut Off:

Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause communicated with  Bumble, and through various emails with staff established the banning of users promoting pyramid schemes/MLMs on their platform, especially Bumble Bizz (Business Networking Platform)   

Example of a Cut Off:

TikTok recognizes the fraud and bans MLMs from using their platform and calls them for what they are, pyramid schemes. That is a success and a precedent for social media.

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