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Comment by Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause

This article was written in 2012. In this current year , MLMs got smart (slick) and tend not to use the word recruit, but mask recruitment by words like "Mentorship", "Apprenticeship", "Network Marketing" , "Social Marketing", "Entrepreneurship", "Affiliate Marketing" and various other terms. 

This is not a pyramid scheme


I have a fantastic opportunity for you. It’s like a job but a lot better. It’s an opportunity to make unlimited income.

Pay only $399 for a starter kit, and then you can work as an independent salesperson for our company, selling the company’s great products on a commission basis.

Why should you pay for this job, you ask? Okay, I realize paying for a job might seem unusual. But, you see, this opportunity is unique. By paying your $399 you gain not only the right to sell our products to the general public but also the right to recruit other salespeople to sell for the company. When you sign up new salespeople and they buy some of our products, you’ll get a commission on all their purchases, month in, month out. It’s like becoming CEO of your own sales company.

Best of all, you can make money right away by enrolling people that you already know and who already trust you. Everybody is a candidate for this job. Who doesn’t want to make unlimited money?

What’s that? Personal relationships? Oh I see! You’re uncomfortable recruiting friends to sell for the company when you haven’t made any money yourself, at least not yet. Is that it?

First, let me assure you that this business is very profitable – beyond your wildest dreams. You will be profitable – when you recruit a lot of your friends. I can tell you about some of our people who’ve quit their 9-to-5 slave jobs. Now, they make money while they sleep.

Still worried that you could mislead friends to get payments for recruiting them?

Well, let me make one thing perfectly clear! You will never be paid one penny for recruiting! That would be illegal. That would be wrong! It would be a pyramid scheme. This is not a pyramid scheme!

Let me tell you more about the rest of the opportunity. After you hear it, I think your worries about relationships and honesty may go away.

Now if you sign up five of your friends, for example, and they each buy $100 a month of products, you’ll get…

What? Commissions on the $399 sign-up fees?


No, No, No! You will never get paid a commission on the $399 sign up fees. That would be payments directly from the people you recruit. That would be getting paid to recruit. That would be wrong! That would be a pyramid scheme! This is not a pyramid scheme.

You don’t get paid on sign-up fees, but you get money after sign-up fees are paid. Your recruits have to pay the sign-up fee in order for you to start making money on them. The company gets money from your recruits’ sign-up fees and your recruits’ product purchases. You will get commissions from each recruit who pays the sign-up fees, but I assure you the money you receive is not from the sign-up money they paid. It’s from the product purchase money they paid. Understand?

No? Money is money, you say? How do we separate the two piles of money?

Okay, let me spell it out. You never get paid to recruit but you always get paid after you recruit. The more you recruit, the more money you make. The less you recruit, the less you make, but you are never, ever, paid to recruit! Paying people to recruit others who are paid to recruit others who are paid to recruit others, and so on – that would be wrong. That is a pyramid scheme. This is a sales business.

Now, let me get back to the income opportunity. You will get commissions on the purchases of as many new sales people you sign up. There’s no limit! 5, 10, 50. There’s no cap. The more the better, for you.

Too many salespeople? No, there could never be too many. The market of people wanting extra income is always growing and our products fit everyone’s needs. But no matter how many more join, you would be making money on all of them, so you would want as many more as possible. Doesn’t that make sense?

You’re still worrying about profits from your personal sales? Just wait, I’m getting to that, but let me remind you again that the commissions from the salespeople are from sales, not from recruiting.

Why would the salespeople buy the products?

They don’t have to, of course. It’s totally optional. But, listen, what kind of salesperson sells something he or she wouldn’t buy themselves? Anyway, salespeople always need samples and giveaways. And, they need to show their customers that they believe in the product. So, the salespeople are also customers! In fact, they are your very best customers!

Why? Well, that takes me to the really unique part of this opportunity. This will answer your first question about why you should pay $399 for this income opportunity.

Like I said, you’re getting commissions from every new salesperson you recruit, based on their purchases, and every salesperson will make a lot of purchases, more than a regular customer will and for a much longer time. No customer is more loyal than a salesperson.

But then, you’ll also get paid when your new recruits go out and recruit other salespeople. Yes, that’s right, the people you sign up will be able to sign up salespeople too! Each one, just like you, gets the right to recruit as many as they can, and every time the person they sign up as a salesperson makes a purchase, they get paid, just like you do, on your recruits’ purchases.

But, here’s the kicker! You’ll get a payment on the purchases of their recruits? Think about that! If you sign up 5 new salespeople and they each do the same, you have 25 more salespeople working for you, a total of 30. Remember, you didn’t get money from the sign-up fees, only on the purchases made after the sign up fees are paid, and you didn’t get paid to recruit, but you got paid because you recruited. Is that perfectly clear?

But wait! There’s more! When their recruits (the 25 additional salespeople) each recruit five more, you’ll get paid on their purchases too! That’s 125 more! Now, you’ve got 155 salespeople, each one making purchases and you’re getting a commission from every one of them. How’s that sound? All you need to do is find 5 new salespeople.

Why would all those people sign up as salespeople? Because each one has the same opportunity as you do to build their own 155-person sales force. The income is unlimited because the opportunity is unlimited. We call it network marketing.

Now do you see why you pay $399 to become a salesperson for this company? And since the friends that you recruited have the same chance to also make money while they sleep, can you see why it is good to recruit them, even before you start making money? No need to wait. You’re giving them the opportunity of a lifetime! That’s really what you are selling – the opportunity!

No, it’s not just the opportunity to sell products! It’s the opportunity to sell the opportunity to others to sell the opportunity! Ain’t it great!

What about product sales? Well, let me be sure you understand something. Product sales are the foundation of our company. We are a product sales company. Our products are how we define ourselves. We are very proud of our products. The more products that your salespeople – from first level to the last – buy, the more you make.

Their personal sales? You’re asking about sales by the salespeople, not sales to them or between them? Oh yes, that’s very important. You get paid on the basis of the purchasesnof each salesperson, right? So, the more each one sells, the more he or she purchases or is credited with selling? So, when I say sell, I really mean buy. Get it?

How much does each salesperson sell on average? Well, that’s up to each person. We don’t track that. But I will tell you this. Anyone who buys our products from a salesperson is also a perfect candidate to sell them! So, any customer of any of the salespeople could become a salesperson too! Always remembers, the salesperson is the best of all customers.

But, we go even further than that! We require each salesperson to sell to at least five customers every month!

If it’s so profitable, why would we have to require our salespeople to sell? Well, only because we would not want even the appearance of a pyramid scheme. This is not a pyramid scheme. So, we would never want anyone to join our company and just focus on recruiting.

What’s the catch? Well, there aren’t any, really. Of course, to get these commissions all the way down to the end of your network, you have to maintain a quota of purchases or sales. We couldn’t keep paying you on the work of your network if you aren’t performing too, could we? Everybody in the network has to maintain their quotas of buying – I mean selling – to remain qualified. But, here’s the good part. If any of the people below you fall short and don’t’ buy or sell enough to remain qualified, whatever commissions they were going to receive are transferred to those above. You could actually make more when someone below you quits! That’s called compression. So, as long as you and your group keep buying at the quota level for your rank and volume, you’ll keep getting paid at the highest possible rates. And, it only gets better from there.

How? Well the bigger your network, that is, the more salespeople you and sales network recruit, and more the whole group buys. The more they buy, the higher the commission rates that we’ll pay you. Higher group volume means a higher commission rate to you on every purchase below you. That’s because you’re at the top of that group!

There are even more rewards! For example, the larger your group is, you get paid on deeper levels. When you reach our executive levels, you get paid on all levels of your group, all the way to infinity. Think about that! As the chains extends, while you sleep, you get paid more per sale from the entire group, and you get paid on more levels, which means, on more total sales. So, you win two ways. Everybody in your network is motivated to recruit more people into your network because they are also always recruiting for theirs too. Each salesperson is always at the top of the group they build. That’s why it’s called multi-level marketing.

No! Of course that’s not paying people to recruit! I thought I made that clear. Paying money for the chance to get paid to recruit people who pay money for the chance to recruit – that’s a pyramid scheme. That would be wrong. You get paid on sales and purchases of those you recruit and those they recruit and those they recruit, and so on. You never get paid for recruiting. Understand now?

Where does it end? What do you mean end? This is an unlimited opportunity. You have the chance to get paid forever. Everybody in the network does too. It all starts with finding just five others who also want to make unlimited money. Who can’t find just five others? More people are being born every day and our company is expanding to more and more countries. Soon, we’ll be in China! So, the last people who join your network, many levels below you, can always recruit more. And you’ll get paid on all of them.

So, are you ready to sign up? Great! Sign the contract right here. You can read it at home. $399. Thanks. You’ll never regret it. It’s the greatest business in the world! The only way you could lose is if you quit and the only people who quit are losers. You’re not a quitter or a loser, are you? No, you’re a winner!

So, of course, you’ll want to join the Winners’ Marketing Program. It’s where you learn from the masters. There are secrets to success, and this is where you learn those secrets. It’s not a cost at all. It’s an investment that you’ll get a huge return on; so it’s really free.

No, paying for the monthly marketing program is not required. But then, neither is your success.


Fitzpatrick, R. L. (2012, January 23). This Is Not a Pyramid Scheme! Retrieved December 16, 2020, from

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