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Legit Sales and Marketing Coalition

PSTC will act as a facilitator, representing various businesses or companies

Create a membership/certificate program to authenticate businesses that they are not pyramid schemes/multilevel marketing to the public. This would be great for start up companies due to one barrier of entry being overcome is the mist of the magnitude of scams.

Create list of companies in agreement MLMs are scams and publicity show that list to spread widespread public awareness.

PSTC will act as a 3rd party representing this coalition and create an online database so the public can access all job openings from individual companies in the coalition. That way people can have an avenue to avoid pyramid scheme fluff on the search to find legitimate sales and marketing careers. 

Imagine all that time and aggravation people will save due to MLM (Muli-Level Marketing) avoidance on their job search. It is unfortunate MLMs use loaded terms on their "job" openings to pretend to be sales or marketing. 

Imagine all that time people can save from pointless interviews, phone calls, sending resumes, aligning ones schedule for a only for an MLM opening instead of legitimate sales or marketing career

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