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Our First Article: Who We Are, Our Goal, Our Vision, Why we Formed 

By Jason Tsang CEO/Founder of Pyramid Termination Cause
Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Inc. (PSTC) was formed so people would come across the right information and avoid being conned. PSTC aims to diminish the the fraud of Pyramid Schemes and MLMs; so they do more damage. Knowledge is power!
Jason Tsang, The founder, had bad experiences with multilevel marketing pyramid schemes as well as an enormous amount of people. He saw that it wasn't just his own individual issue against MLMs, but it is a societal issue that has to be addressed. Jason noticed that the information is there to correctly inform people about these schemes, however there is no collective enough drive to pursue the widespread awareness and the shutdown.
The vision of PSTC is through consolidation of pyramid scheme or MLM info, effective networking and collaborations, the prospects for MLMs will decrease and less people will be defrauded. The goal of MLMs is to sell a recruiting "business opportunity" laundered by products. From collective efforts, MLM scams will be diminished and at the best case scenario, be done away with! Pyramid Scheme Termination Caused, was formed with tax exempt 501c3 status to express social effort.

Pyramid Scheme Termination Cause Vision - Imagine The What Ifs...

What if everyone scammed by MLMs spoke out against it instead of worrying about embarrassing themselves since they were part of it? What if everyone scammed by pyramid schemes or even half contributed a little to our projects?

What if there was more widespread awareness in campuses about pyramid schemes and classmates communicating to other classmates from joining MLMs other schemes with a solid foundation of facts and logic?

What if there was more widespread awareness on social media platforms?

What if there was a third party to collect endorsements from big names to publicly condemn endless chain pyramid compensation structures to encourage people to get real jobs and actually benefit society?

What if an a prevalent organization by concrete data, expose the actual demand for MLM products just themselves, completely separating any incentive from joining an MLM just for a "business opportunity". A project like that would take funding to analyze MLM products and bogus product claims comparing to products that are truly retailed. 

PSTC will help fulfill those what ifs. It takes accumulation of funding, networking at each step. 

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